A Death Stranding fan may have cracked the code to Elle Fanning’s recent tease

Hideo Kojima has a habit of making hard-to-decipher teasers regarding his games, with many fans not understanding what Death Stranding was before launch, and its latest teases include American actress Elle Fanning. Many have sought to decipher this tease beyond the obvious implication: Elle Fanning is in the next Kojima Productions game.

Now that narrows it down a bit. Norman Reedus has publicly discussed Death Grounding 2 before, while we also know that Kojima is working on a Cloud game with Microsoft. The latter is probably still in its infancy, with many believing this tease is for Death Stranding 2and a fan found some interesting evidence about it.


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After the teases over Elle Fanning’s identity were resolved, Hideo Kojima posted footage of the actress making weird gestures. If there was anything meaningful to them, that’s obviously hard to decipher, but a Twitter user known as Knut pointed to an important comparison: Gestures Elle Fanning makes are gestures Lou can do in Death Stranding. Lou, also known as BB-28 and real name Louise, is the baby who accompanies Sam Bridges on his journey.

For many, this reinforces his role as an adult Lou in a Death Stranding sequel and that obviously has big implications for the story. Norman Reedus’ character Sam Bridges might play a supporting role, after all, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But above all, the sequel would need to better define its style of gameplay. Many know that Kojima was considering Death Stranding as a new genre he called the Strand game, which focused on connecting people and players in sometimes obscure ways, and a sequel is important to solidify that.

However, it should be noted that these puzzle pieces fit together so well. The image comparisons above, the potential story direction for Lou in a Death Stranding 2, and more, and that in itself is strange. Kojima kept fans guessing for months death stranding, and such a tease before a proper reveal (perhaps at The Game Awards) is quite different from authorship. While that could certainly be the case, fans should keep their expectations in check and wait for more information.

But whether she plays Lou or not, another character from Death Stranding 2, or someone else entirely into something completely unrelated, it’s clear that Elle Fanning has a role in the upcoming Kojima Productions game. And that, in itself, implies that a Kojima Productions game announcement is also coming.

Death Stranding 2 is rumored to be in development.

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