A commitment to a sustainable built environment

HLM Architects are committed to a sustainable future. But how do they plan to achieve this?

Matthew Thomas, associate architect based at HLM Cardiff Studio, discusses with Business News Wales the various projects that HLM have in the pipeline here:

As part of his role, Matthew also acts as the Regional Design Champion and Sustainability Champion for HLM Architects. He is responsible for organizing and chairing design forums and sustainability forums for all studio projects.

He says that as a company, “HLM is very committed to a more sustainable built environment for future generations.” He states that HLM’s mission is to ensure that anything designed by 2025 will meet RIBA’s sustainable results.

The lasting results of RIBA are:

  • Net zero operational carbon
  • Net zero carbon
  • Sustainable water cycle
  • Connectivity and sustainable transport
  • Sustainable land use and biodiversity
  • Good health and well-being
  • Sustainable communities and social value
  • Sustainable life cycle cost

Matthew goes on to say that sustainable results should “holistically include more than just ecological aspects, but also broader implications such as good health and well-being, social value and economic resilience”.

HLM ArchitectsThe design approach focuses on 8 key themes covering environmental, social and economic sustainability as defined by RIBA.

HLM describe their goal as simple – to provide the best performing buildings that positively impact the lives of those who use them and positively impact the world for future generations.

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