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 In addition to financing via investment or capital, the “classic” development loans are also available through the house banks for investments in software, devices, buildings and for the financing of operating resources in the seed and growth phase.

Start-up loans 

Start-up loans 

What for? To finance investments and resources

As? Max. 100,000 euros, of which max. 30,000 euros for equipment or 25 million euros , duration: maximum 10 or 20 years, of which a maximum of two or three years without redemption, 80% indemnity for the house bank means loan despite low or missing collateral Bank-standard collateral

For whom? Founders and young companies up to five years after founding

Capital for foundation

Loan – No collateral required

What for? Strengthening the equity base of founders and young companies Financing investments

What? Max. 500,000 euros, discounted interest rate, 15 years maturity, seven years without redemption, ten to 15 percent of the total investment needs should provide the founders of own resources

For whom? Founders and young companies until three years after the foundation

Entrepreneur Loan 

Investments at home and abroad, resources

What for? Financing of investments in Germany and abroad (eg: acquisition of land and buildings, purchase of equipment and facilities, acquisitions and active participations in the form of asset deals) and operating resources

What? Loan with reduced, risk-based interest rate, term max. 20 years with grace periods of no option as an option, bank-standard collateral required, half of which can be relieved of the risks of the application-accepting principal bank

For whom? Established medium-sized companies that have been active in the market for at least five years Entrepreneur Loan, Innovative medium-sized companies that have been active in the market for at least three years

Guarantees from the guarantee banks, in the absence of collateral

What for? Financing of investments and resources

What? Replacement and supplement of customary collateral for loans (maximum 1.25 million euros)

For whom? Entrepreneurs and established companies

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