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Start-ups:Entrepreneur loan

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   In addition to financing via investment or capital, the “classic” development loans are also available through the house banks for investments in software, devices, buildings and for the financing of operating resources in the seed and growth phase. Start-up loans  What for? To finance investments and resources As? Max. 100,000 euros, of which max. […]

Student Loan | Request in 5 Minutes

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Being well-qualified is the main factor to ensure a good placement in the professional market. Especially these days, without having at least one undergraduate degree, the chances of getting better jobs or working in large companies is quite small. However, paying for a college or a specialization course can be a sacrifice for many. The […]

What is the previous analysis to grant a payday loan?

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When applying for financing, the requirements and the credit approval process will vary considerably depending on the type of loan we request and the financial one. In general, Payday Champion offers these types is more flexible when granting loans, we will demand fewer requirements and less paperwork. However, banks are more demanding and carry out a risk analysis […]

Consumers paid over 600 million euros too much for loans in the first quarter of 2018

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In the first quarter of 2018, consumers in Germany borrowed 27.17 billion euros. Those who completed their loan on the Internet paid on average 1.85 percentage points less interest than the national average. Had all borrowers completed their loan on the internet, they would have saved a total of 612.1 million euros. This is shown […]